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Horizon Local Assurance Survey for Parents

The priority of the K-12 education system is the success of every child in school. Our work allows students to gain the knowledge and skills to form the foundation for successful and fulfilling lives and make meaningful contributions to their community and the world. School divisions are accountable to the government and responsible for providing assurance to their school community. Assurance builds public confidence and is achieved through building relationships, and creating a culture of continuous improvement and collective responsibility. Alberta Education's “Assurance Framework” is intended to support continual improvement and build public trust and confidence in the quality of education. This framework asks the school community to be part of a collective approach for continuous school improvement. 
Horizon wants to be responsive to our diverse community contexts and enable flexibility to address the learning needs of students. To ensure that our planning and reporting aligns with government accountability and community assurance requirements we are asking for feedback that will allow us to incorporate contextual information.

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